The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

What are Groups?

Everyone on Belletristica can found a new group and start inviting others into it. People usually form groups because they enjoy similar things or just want to hang out together.

Founding or joining groups offers some benefits. For example, every group automatically gets its own chat channel, which is only accessible to its members. Also, with the coming "Atrium" update, groups will also get access to their very own subforum.

Moreover, all groups have their own profile, similar to user profiles, complete with profile picture and and title image. When visitors view the group profile, they can only see the group's profile text and a few general stats (like number of members or when the group was founded). Visitors also have the option to join the group, or apply for membership, depending on the group's policy on new members. Members of a group

For its members, the group's profile also offers a tab for internal information like rules and announcements, as well as a tab which lists all current members. Instead of the "join" or "apply" button, members will see a link to the group's chat.

Private and Public Groups

Groups come in two major categories: private and public groups. The most important difference will most likely be obvious from their names alone. Nonetheless, here you can read about it in detail:

Private Groups

If you just like to have an own channel for yourself and your friends, you should consider createing a private group. This kind of group is completely invisible from the outside. The group channel will basically be like sending PMs between more than two people. Hidden groups are not listed in the group finder and new members can only join via personal invitation. However, messages written in private groups do not count for any gamification purposes. This means, you will not gain any Fairy Dust, and they do not count towards most medals, achievements or events. Otherwise, cheating would be a bit to easy. We appreciate your understanding.

Public Groups

If you're aiming for something better than a virtual club house for your closest friends, or if you even have ambitions of building your own subcommunity, we highly recommend creating a public group. This kind of group will be listed in the group finder and can be found by everyone. Still, access to your group's chat, internal information and your group's member list is limited to members only. You can decide yourself whether potential new members can simply join your group with just one click, or whether they need to apply and be approved first. No matter what you choose, you'll always have the option to send out personal invitations too. Messages posted in public channels count for all gamification purposes. This means, you and your members will get Fairy Dust for chatting and your messages will count towards medals, achievements and certain events. To encourage pioneers, there are even special achievements for founding or managing public groups, which grow to a certain size.

7 Ideas for Groups

The following is in no way an exhaustive list, but we'd like to propose some ideas in what ways the group feature might be used:

1. As Private Chat

This is probably going be the most popular use of groups: to create a private hideout to have fun with your friends.

2. Fan Clubs

This is also a very good reason to start a group. If you really enjoy the books of a certain author, a TV series or something else, maybe even write fanfics of it, it totally makes sense to band together in a public group with like-minded people.

3. Writing Workshops

Writing is not always easy, especially if you do it all alone. Both public and private groups could thus be used as working groups, be it as loosely cooperating "request/offer help" group, or as carefully constructed taskforce for one special project.

4. Genre Guilds

Do you mostly write and read in one certain genre and would you like to get in touch with others who also feel at home in said genre? This is a perfect occasion to found a new group.

5. Interest Groups

There probably are many Belletristicans who share a lot with you, not only reading and writing. Perhaps you share some believes a certain way of life, are from the same city or region or just enjoy to talking about sports or cooking. We are really looking forward to see what inventive groups you'll come up with.

6. Game Groups

Be it spontaneous, casual roleplay sessions, guided Pen&Paper evenings or just a place to organize the next round of a multiplayer online game somewhere else, game groups are always a good thing to have.

7. Virtual Locations

Maybe you just like to create a certain place, not bound to a specific purpose. A remote mountain village, perhaps? Or an elegant night club. Who knows? Your location might even become one of Belletristicas culture hot-spots.

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