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Level 46 Belletristican
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「Me, Myself, and I」


socially unfit

a failed creation

in despair

in solitude






I am living


I want to express myself

The screams unlike any other, take form

The ones that are labeled "worthless" are the ones that have nothing to be afraid of

I express myself to live

I live to express myself

This is one worthless man's proof of existence

© 京|Kyo

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Level 46 Belletristican
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DieLadi hat meinen Charakteren Florian und Jasper solch einen wunderschönen Pairingnamen gegeben ... ich musste ihn einfach benutzen <3
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19. January
With us since 10. October 2019
The house of Springflowers stands for the untamed urge to create. Its members live and breathe art - wild, emotional and not bound to rules. They tend towards very experimental styles and like to explore unconventional thoughts, far from any tried and tested paths.
About me

Manchmal muss man rennen, bevor man laufen kann. - Tony Stark (Iron Man, 2008)

All covers that aren't Belletristica generated were made @

Hobbies & interests
The Lord of The Rings
Harry Potter
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
Meredith Gentry
PC Grant Novels
Anne Rice The Vampire Chronicles
Anne Rice New Tales of the Vampires
Anne Rice Lives of the Mayfair Witches
Anne Rice The Wolf Gift Chronicles
Tell You What Now
Robert Downey jr
Super Junior
Dir en grey
the GazettE
Movies & Series
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Wind River
Catch Me
The Judge
The Hurt Locker
Garden Paws
Stardew Valley
Witcher III: The Wild Hunt
Dead by Daylight
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age II
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Sport ist Mord!!!
A short interview
How did you come up with your username?

It's a songtitle and it also refers to a scar on my knee. When I touch the scar it feels like one touches velvet. So there you are.

Do you favor stories or poetry? Or rather a mix of both?

It all depends on my mood. Usually I favor stories, but some days I enjoy poetry too.

Is writing a hobby for you or are you planning to go professional?

It's definitely more then a hobby. It's my passion. I write whenever I've got time on my hands. As for going professional ... I don't think I'm currently good enough, but maybe someday I'll try.

Would you tell us about your current project?

My current project has the working title 'Little Do You Know' and it's a multifandom fanfiction, but the main character is a girl of my own making. I have written 35k words for the main story without an end in sight and have plans for currently 14 side stories.

What's your favorite book? Or your favorite books, if there are more.

Favorite book ... puh ... good question.

I guess the ones I've read most are 'Interview with the Vampire', 'The Vampire Lestat' (both written by Anne Rice) and Susan E. Hintons 'The Outsiders'

Do you like to have a plan or are you a discovery writer?

I usually know where I want to go with my story, but the way to the end is something I discover while writing. If I plan out too much of the story I usually lose interest.

What genres do you enjoy to read and write the most?

I enjoy reading romance, drama, sometimes humorous stories.

As for writing I have an affinity for depressing stories with a happy end, I think. But sometimes I also write romance/fluff stories. Depends on my mood.

How and when did you first discover your passion for the world of literature?

I was four, when I started to read with the assistance of my parents. I always loved to listen to them read to me and when I learned to do it myself I was immensly proud.

And I loved to tell my own little stories. I started to learn how to write around the same time I started to read and as soon as I knew enough I began to write down my own stories.

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