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Well... Hi there! I hope you will all like, what I have to deliver. I'm a German writer, but I like to read in German and English.

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Level 6 Belletristican
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Saiko No Saiai
With us since 4. January 2020
Wanderers don't feel like they belong to any of the four great houses, or they somehow identify with all of them at once. Whatever the case, they made the active decision to stay free and independent.
Hobbies & interests
hanging out with friends
everything really
metal in all kinds
but really just everything sounding nice
A short interview
How did you come up with your username?

From my friends. The startet calling me that and I thought it had a nice ring to it.

Are there other arts you enjoy. Like music, painting or something else?

I really love to draw. I love listening to music, while I'm writing, because it is making everything easier.

Is writing a hobby for you or are you planning to go professional?

It is a hobby. I love my job too much to change it. So Writing will always be a hobby of mine.

Do you like to have a plan or are you a discovery writer?

A healthy mixture I guess. I have a general plan how my story should go, but sometimes things happen and my charakters decide to make things diffrently. So mostly I go with the flow of my story.

What genres do you enjoy to read and write the most?

I think it's a combination of fantasy and mystic. I read everything, if it's interessting. But I really like the temptation of foreign worlds.

How and when did you first discover your passion for the world of literature?

Since I was little. My family loves reading and it somehow stuck to me.

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