The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

Was sind Views?

Views count how often a book has been opened until now.

Since Belletristica version 2.0, views are no longer publicly visible. However, they still exist in the background. Even though they're not visible anymore, views still yield Fairy Dust. We might display them as private statistics for authors in the future.

Why aren't views visible anymore?

Sadly, views were not a very meaningful statistic but outright misleading in many cases. Some of our design choices (which we still want to keep) caused very unbalanced ratios between views and other metrics, such as likes and comments.

The main reason for this is, that even unregistered guests enjoy full and unrestricted reading access on Belletristica, yet they cannot rate or comment anything. Besides that, views are also created when authors read their own texts, when someone read a text a second or third time, when someone comes back to read the next chapter, and many, many other occasions.

To avoid casting a bad light onto the works of our authors with these distorted ratios, we removed views as publicly visible statistic.

Views and Fairy Dust

Views still yield a very small quantity of Fairy Dust, just as they always did. Other than that, they have no noticeable effect on anything.

To prevent cheating by faking many views over short time in order to gain Fairy Dust, we took a few precautions. Therefore, not every view will be counted. You can, however, completely ignore these measures. Whenever the system thinks that a view might not be valid, it automatically does not count said view. Don't worry, there is no such thing as opening a book too many times.

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