The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.


Likes (also called votes or ratings) enable you to upvote books you enjoyed.

The more Likes a book has, the higher up it goes on the ranked listings. Likes have various kinds of positive effects, but we won't go over all of them in detail here. The general rule of thumb (pun intended) is: the more likes a book collects, the better.

Additionally, if you rate a book, it also yields Fairy Dust, both for the author as well as a small amount for yourself.

Ratings are anonymous. Nobody can see which books you liked, not even the author. (But our system will still detect fake-likes)

Obviously, you can't rate your own books and those of your pseudonyms. Also, you can not upvote the same book multiple times, since outgoing likes are between all your pseudonyms.

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