The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

Belletristica Accounts

Your Belletristica account allows you to use Belletristica to the fullest possible extent. While we aimed to make most of our content and functionality accessible for unregistered guests as well, you people still need an account to actively create stuff. Things like, publishing books, leaving comments, or participating in our Chat require a valid account.

Creating an account is completely free and it always will be. All you need to get started is either a valid email address, or a Facebook or Google profile.

With just a single Belletristica account, you are then able to have multiple profiles. You'll start with your main profile, and if you want, you can create pseudoyms anytime, which will all be accessible from your main account.


Your settings will be shared for all your profiles, meaning they will be applied your main account as well as all your pseudoyms. Accout settings allow for the following options:

Login Data

Here you can change your email address and your password.


Here you get to see an overview of all authors you subscribed to.


Here you can decide, which events should trigger an email notification and which shouldn't.

Display & Design

Here you can choose things like whether you want cocktail effects to be displayed or not, or whether you'd like to see the Fairy Dust display. There will be more options in the future.


Your settings for youth protection and other things.


Set the system language, in which the user interface of Belletristica will be shown to you.

Delete Account

Although it's sad, sometimes someone will want to delete their account, or freeze it for the time being.


When your level will become a relevant factor in future updates, Belletristica will use your account level.

Your account level is determined by the collective amount of Fairy Dust, you have gathered with your main profile and with all of your pesudonyms.

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