The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

What are Bookshelves?

All the books you write on Belletristica are stored in your bookshelves. You can create as many bookshelves as you wish, name them as you like, and sort your books into them.

Your bookshelves will make it easier to keep all your works organized. How you want to structure your books and shelves is completely up to you, but we'll give you some ideas further down on this page.

But you're not the only one who gets to enjoy your neatly organized shelves. Everyone who browses your collection of books on your profile will find them exactly as you sorted them into your shelves. This enables you to carefully select which of your works should be the ones standing in the top shelf, drawing your visitors' attention.

By the way, on your profile only those shelves will be shown, which have at least one published book in them.

Bookshelf Description

Additional to a name, you can outfit each of your bookshelves with a short description text. Just like the name, this description text will also be shown on your profile, to give your readers an idea what kind of books they can expect to find in that shelf.

The "Unsorted Works" Shelf

The "Unsorted Works" shelf is the very first shelf you own. This shelf is special, so you can neither delete nor rename it. Whenever you delete one of your other bookshelves, all books that were inside of the deleted shelf are automatically transfered into your "Unsorted Works" shelf.

Like with every other shelf, this shelf will only be visible in your profile when it has at least one published book in it.

7 Ideas for your Shelves

Here, we want to offer you some ideas on how you could organize your various bookshelves. These are merely suggestions, and the list is in no way complete:

1. By Genre

This is probably the most obvious choice, and not without reason. It just makes sense to create shelves like "Funny poems", "My horror stories" and "romantic stuff". Especially when you write in many different genres, your readers will appreciate this kind of order. The same goes for text categories, like "My drabbles" or "Haikus".

2. By Series

If you happen to write a bunch of interconnected short stories or even a whole series of novels, it is advisable to create a shelf dedicated to those. Not only will this grant your fans easy access to books that belong together, but it also enables you to suggest in which order to read them.

3. By Language

Do you publish in more than one language? If so, then it makes perfect sense to create an own shelf for your second language, like "German poetry".

4. As a Showcase

Which of your books define best who you are? What books would you like potential new fans to see before all others? Especially when you write a lot, it might be worthwhile to stock a shelf with your dearest treasures, and put it way up to the top.

5. As a "Memory Box"

We often write stuff which only makes sense under certain circumstances, or for a certain audience. For example, a poem full of insider-jokes just for you and your friends, or texts in which you experimented with new styles and techniques. It can certainly come in handy to create shelves with names like "Insider Stories", "Experimental stuff", or "abandoned Projects", for those things you wouldn't want to throw away, yet you also wouldn't want them to be the first impression for a first time reader.

6. By time and age

Maybe you still have a lot of your old writings still lying around. And while you have become much better than you were when you wrote these, you'd still like to share your first steps in your writing life with the world. Perhaps a shelf with a name like "Stories I wrote as a child" or "Random poems from 2012" would be nice.

7. For Contests & Challenges

If you sometimes take part in writing contests or challenges, it might be nice to have a little shelf dedicated to the texts you wrote as entries.

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