Youth Protection

The Enchiridion - Your Guide to Belletristica.

Youth Protection on Belletristica

Our community consists of people of all ages, and even unregistered users can freely enjoy uploaded books. For this reason, it is very important that all works that are published here are properly marked, if their contents might be disturbing for younger audiences. Visit "book settings" to apply one of four different youth protection ratings to your books.

Our 4 Youth Protection Ratings

On Belletristica, there are 4 grades of youth protection:

Free for everyone

Choose this option if your book is suitable for all audiences.

Not for kids (12+)

Choose this option, if your book contains scenes or topics which are likely to frighten younger readers, or might harm them in other ways. Books with this setting get a special mark on them.

Adult content (16+)

Choose this option, if your book contains violence, sexuality or other content which might disturb younger audiences. Books with this setting get a special mark and a warning notice.

Very explicit content (18+)

Choose this option, if your book very explicitly depicts sex scenes or extreme violence, which might even be too much for many adults. Books with this setting will not be listed in our regular book browser, but they will still be shown in your profile and Maldeca will list them in her Underworld.

Image Filter for Covers

If your book's cover features nudity or disturbing images, please check the option "Cover image is NSFW". Your book cover will then be blurred for all users, unless they wish to see it. Plase note, that in the Underworld, cover images will always be shown, regardless of image filters and settings.

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