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Community Events

Your overview of all the planned events and games this year.

The next Highlights:

December 6th - "Blue Star Poision"
The secret order Ignis Fatuus organizes a mystierious writing challenge. If you are interested in participating, please contact Jack O'Wisp to learn about the details, or to sign up fo the event until the 6th of December.

November/Dezember - Christmas "Secret Santa"
Destiny organizes a chrismas themed secret santa event, where participants will write texts for each other.To take part, please sign up via private message until Oktober 28. Look here for details (in German) or click here for the poster.

December - Jelanias advent calendar
Jelania organizes an advent calendar of books during christmas time. For 24 days, one of the participants works will be published each day. The last date for entries is the November 15th. To learn about the detail, or to sign up fo the event, click here.

Future Highlights
Highlights from later this year:


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