Your Belletristica-Team

This picture was kindly taken by Kisha

Benjamin Wendtner C.E.O. & Developement

I am a passionate writer and programmer from Mondsee and I live in Linz, Austria. Creating a platform like Belletristica has been my dream for a long time, so seeing it become more and more reality is just awesome!

Sebastian Pöll Supreme Technical Commander

Sebastian ist an unbelievably talented drummer and guitarist from Salzburg and the best Software-Developer I know. He is currently making his master's degree at the JKU in Linz. Most of the time, he is solving problems others don't think solvable.

Stefan Koidl Master Illustrator

Stefan is an extemely gifted draftsman from the region of Salzburg, and the official illustrator of Belletristica. One of his hobbies is to carve traditional krampus masks out of wood, which can bee seen on his Facebook page "The Art of Stefan Koidl".

Alexandra Weickl Honorary Postmaster

Because of her limited time, Alex can no longer be in Belletristica's core team. However, she still writes letter and manages our correspondence in her spare time. Thank you Alex!.

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