A lack of reflection
in the eyes of a white crow
that spies on me when I reap empty fields
amid flesh that eats itself
tells me we're meant to be

reaching out to limbless shadows
that stare upon my effigy
from a bridge connecting nothing
I plead their tormentor
to confess why he wakes me
when Earth dozes off
to places I'll never visit

as willows wiggle, to the wind and its giggle
I'm fighting for lightning that gleams through seams
praying to armies of rain, over my sewn-up eyelids
hoping they beat the concrete meat
that licks the bricks together
to wall the asylum
where my mind has lost its own
spreading its mouth shut
in the corner of a pentacle

I reminisce with dementia
of mementos in crescendo
bobbing my disfigurement
to tricksters trickling from the ceiling
handing another blood pact
for creation of devastation
to tongueless stonemasons
that rocked the cave around me
to the blind runecarvers
spelling desperation seals
on the closing walls
to a toothless grinner
that promised I'll meet them
to hear the tale of their escape
from the silent dead
into a screaming newborn
back before the past
when future disappeared.


Fairy Dust



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