Oh there is so much
that I'd like to say
there's a simple touch
to which I'd like to sway
and oh boy do I vouch
it would color all the gray


this persistent load
just doesn't slip away
I am limping down the road
ever lonesome and astray

no dear hears
the yells of my bells
as fear sears
in dells where I dwell

no darling snarling
to my crawling claws
kitten smitten
in my sprawling paws

Baby I'm
the breeze that washes your eyes
on those limp foggy mornings
the space between your sighs
in your midnight longings

I'm the rainstorm on your cheeks
when old wine becomes too dry
I'm the years within your weeks
and every reason when you cry

I'm the rusty old guitar
that you bleed your fingers playing
and a finished big cigar
that has left your lungs decaying

and there's no sound
there's only smoke
within your mound
where I have choked

well I'm sorry you are you
'cause I needed someone else
who doesn't treat me like a tool
and never leaves me in suspense
I am sorry, now I do
have a reason to condense

if only you knew
your corpse would die
for all you slew
is now alive

and I buried your world
in the graveyard of my mind
and a single lonely word
is all you left behind..
all you left behind...
you left behind...
left behind..


Fairy Dust



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