Hey. This poem comprises parts of different poems I wrote. I still posted it on twitter, but I want to share it with you all, too. :)

Friendly Reminder

You are irreplaceable and loved,
more than weaknesses and scars,
unique, important, enough,
and you still not gave up.

You are more than your weaknesses, issues, mistakes,
more than your enemies, your pain,
noone should confine yourself to them,
'cause you're so much more, you have specials and strenghts.

You're more than your weakness, more than you think,
you comprise in yourself thousand wonderful things,
you are beautiful, talented, enough, amazing,
you will be missed and are loved, just saying.

No matter who you are you matter, okay ?
No matter what you think or what people say,
you matter and you deserve
just the best in this world.

You're allowed to and should be proud of yourself,
I'm proud of you for every fight you take,
for all you went through and for coming so far,
there's nothing wrong with who you are.

Your mental health is more important than anythingelse,
you're okay how you are with and in all your ways,
I'm proud of you for taking your daily fights,
I am glad that you're still alive.

It's not a sign of weakness if you need help,
it's not selfish to take care of yourself,
it's important, YOU'RE important, always remember it
when you are dubious about it or feeling like shit.

Selflove is important and not selfish at all,
sometimes before you're growing and getting stronger you have to fall,
selfcare often means to take yourself first and that's okay,
let toxic people and things go even it hurts like hell.

Do it for you, try to avoid the things that bum you out
as good as possible avoid the people bringing you down,
surrounding yourself with people who are good for you
is one of the best things you can do.

Do more of the things that suffuse you with fun,
and don't be afraid of trying new things you haven't done,
take time for things that give you happiness and energy,
all your passions are valid and of precious need.

Everybody fails, messes up, that is life,
everyone makes mistakes even the same one twice,
be fair to yourself and not too hard,
you're perfect imperfect just the way you are.

It's okay to not be able to give what you used to give,
you're a human and your friends will understand it,
don't be sorry for that, there is no need,
you're a human, you cry and you fall and you bleed.

Take it to heart, you are good enough,
don't listen to anyone who says you're not,
never forget when you try your best,
it's the most what people're allowed to expect.

You are not alone and you will never be,
maybe you don't feel like home, but at least
here are people you can talk to, who will listen to your words,
there are people caring about you somewhere in this world.

Someday you will find your home,
your people, the place where you belong,
you definitly will, it may needs time,
but it's worth to wait, everything will be fine.

Friendly reminder to take care of yourself,
Did you take your medicine today ?
Drink enough water, eat enough food,
take the time to do something what's good for you.

Get some fresh air and go outside,
listen to good music that spreads good vibes,
even listen to sad music if now it's what you might need,
you deserve and it's important to give yourself a treat.

Friendly reminder that you are incredible strong,
I mean, look through what you went for so long,
and you're still here and doing fine after all,
you are everything, but weak or small.

No matter how hard or bad your way might is,
you can make it, do it, go through this,
you already survived so much, you can do this here, too,
I am so proud of and I believe in you. 

Life is not about being happy all the time,
it's turning and has lots of different sides,
you'll never know how and when it'll change,
it's always worth to hold on to the next day.

We should never forget what an impact we have on other people and their life,
We should never forget nothing gets lost or loses its meaning in time,
spread love instead of hate, try to be kind,
words can make someones day, words can change someones life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my text!! :)


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