Oh what a holiday
full of pain and agony
such a hideous tragedy
people kneeling down to pray.

Headlights down the street
death coming closer
like a bulldozer.
Listen and hear running feet.

Silence and screams
from people clinging on
all the huts are gone
through them the dozer steams.

Four screeching tyres
running down a crowd
to make his leader proud.
And people snap like wires.

What for, one might ask.
A simple ideology,
a sect, worse than scientology
thought to be a greater task.


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    It's sad, but well written! It's a great idea to write a poem referring to the assault in Berlin

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    Ich bin stolz auf dich, Phil. ^^ Nach all der Zeit wieder ein Werk von dir. Mir gefällt es sehr gut, auch, wenn es eher traurig zu sein scheint. :(

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