Lovely Shadow

Oh my fair lady,

oh my dearest treasure,

little Flame of my burning passion,

waterdrop to stop my thirst.

My time with you is the reason of my reminaing existence.

My dead eyes getting lifely again when seeing your gaze.

Life is not a life without you,

it is pale, dark and cruel.

Forgotten was happiness, love never existed - bitter cold was my only companion.

It is you, you are my warmth.

It is you, you are my only dream.

It is you, my only reason to remain.

And it is you, to bring back my eternal pain.

Bring me the fullfilling happiness,

bring colour to the ever rising sun,

bring back the wind to make me breathe again;

to only shatter me in a million pieces with the truth of your faded being.

Love always wins,

Life never fades,

and laughter heals the pain;

these words forever will be the lies I see in anyones mouth making me despict them.

I know the truth and so do you.

Our love can never win,

our lives will fade,

and no laughter will heal the pain.

Because it's all gone already,

our love lost,

your life faded long ago,

and remembering your laughter still aches in my chest like no pain I ever knew.

So my fair lady go.

Go and take your lovely shadow,

which kept me alive for seven years even after.

Go and stay wherever you are.

As I see your shadow of my fading memories; I know.

When morning rises there will never be a pain to torture me again.


Fairy Dust



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