Hey, listen!
Do you hear the choir's sound,
Spreading the message all around,
That many years ago in this special night,
The saviour was born in the body of a child?

Hey, take a closer look!
Do you see how still today his love is spread;
How people remember the humanity that they too often forget?
This night, with every soft winterly breeze,
There comes the vision of a world living in peace!

Hey, take a smell,
Of almonds, fir and candle's haze,
Who bring sparks of light on dark December days;
Who embody the hope he brought to those here below,
So they would spread the Father's glory and make it grow.

Hey, open up your heart,
Be loving and kind on this holy eve;
To act with a pure soul you don't have to believe,
Feel the magic spirit in the air,
'Cause today it's Christmas everywhere!


Fairy Dust



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