You shouldn't want me in your life.
But you welcome me with open arms.
I am scared.
I want to get out.
I need to.
I get thrilled by hurting you.
Letting you bleed.
Breaking you into pieces.
To crush your soul
like it's made of glass.
And let it cut deeper inside.
Just to take it
to cut myself.
Cut a wound open that healed.
I can't resist.
I am a sinner.
Got to pay the priece.
I'll hurt you
just to hurt myself.
To feel the pain.
The inner screams.
I'm a monster that takes the knife
and cuts its own heart and soul.
To protect you from being hurt by me.
I will do this to myself.
A wound just healed recently.
I cut it again.
Keep it bleeding.
There's a shy part inside me.
Crying, screaming.
I won't listen.
It's a moron, a fool.
A looser doesn't deserve to be lucky.
So let it bleed.
Let it get torn apart.
I want it.
I am my own enemy,
to protect everyone else from me.


  • Author Portrait

    Du hast den gruseligen Creep online gestellt! Ist auch beim 2. mal unheimlich...

  • Author Portrait

    We are protecting you :* - Hoffe es wird bald alles bei dir besser :)

  • Author Portrait

    I'm also worried, Kathy, but I know these thoughts. You are a great person and a wonderful writer, not a looser and there is no need to protect people from you. You deserve to be happy and I hope you'll feel better soon!

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    Jetzt mache ich mir aber etwas Sorgen um dich Kathy dear! :-(

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