Oh Danny Boy

As Danny lived in opposite direction of Jonathan they parted ways right in front of Starbucks. He had started feeling a little better, hangover wise and decided to walk back to his place, he could surely use the fresh air. Even though Danny hadn’t really comforted him he had still managed to numb his guilt for a while. Danny was so careless. He never had any serious relationships. He flirted here and there, he always had a couple of girls that he could fall back on, but never anything worth whining or crying about. That’s why in many ways Danny would never put up with Jonathans complaining. He would always tell him to suck it up and get over it. He didn’t regret anything. He didn’t regret the stuff he didn’t do either, because he managed to always do whatever he pleased. It was like he was in one of those 50’s movies, you could easily imagine him with grease in his hair, a leatherjacket on his back, hitchhiking through the country with a girl in every town. Still he was a good friend. Despite his shallowness at times you could always count on him. Even if it just was to make you forget what was troubling you through all his crazy stories.

While walking away, Danny massaged his temples with his fingers, let his arms fall by his sides in a way that might have looked desperate to anyone looking at him and buried them deep in his jeans pockets. He just didn’t get it. They were young, without any major resposibilities, so wasn’t this the time to have fun without overthinking everything? He wanted to be a good friend to Jonathan. He really did, his problem was his lack of understanding the problem. He got that Emily was a cool girl and all, she was caring and sweet and easy on the eyes but why it was all that Jonathan seemed to care about , he just didn’t get at all.


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