Part 11

- What does moonlight smell like?

- A man stands next to you on a platform while you are waiting for the train.
As a train enters the station, he handcuffs a briefcase to your wrist, shoves a mobile phone into your hand and while muttering an apology, he swiftly throws himself under the train ...

- Every door in the world suddenly locks. Describe the aftermath.

-Scientists have developed a pill that temporarily disables the part of the brain that feels fear. 

- "Correct me if i'm wrong, but you didn't have wings yesterday, right?"

- "Did you turn off the lights?"
"Then we have a problem."

- "Well that didn't end the way I expected. But at least, nobody important died."

- Never trust a survivor until you find out what they did to stay alive. 

- When she walked into the room, everyone gasped.
She was ... different

- You awake from a coma to an empty room and a sealed envelope


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