Part 12

- Find a small random object, write about the journey it went on before you found it.

- She felt the weight of the world upon her shoulders and the weight of her sister in her arms.

- The room fell silent when the two masked men appeared from nowhere

- „Did you open the package?”


„That was your first mistake.”

- You found an unusual coin in a field with your metal detector.

Ever since you brought it home, strange things have been happening ...

- Your village left you behind in the forest to die as a sacrifice for the god of the forest. After a while, the god shows up, but it’s not interested in your death. Instead, it’s looking for a new servant.

- The lights flickered and the zoo erupted into chaos ... the animals were hunting us.

- She wasn’t a witch ... Mostly.

- You find an ornate eye piece and decide to look through it. While looking around with it, you suddenly see a black figure pass right by in front of you.

- Make a list of five things, you’re afraid of happening to you. Then write a story in which one of them happens to your character.


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