From the day that you were born
got to breathe and swim my sea
I gave you all, as I have sworn
to the one that makes me be

I was glad to feel your glee
let you live upon my skin
all the fruit you got for free
I provided with a grin

and so we joyed
a certain time
but then you toyed,
pathetic swine.

I gave my hands
and every finger
by your demands
they turned to timber

you'll never feel
the pain I bore
with flaming steel
in every pore

and how you slaughtered
all of my siblings
you should've haltered,
instead of living.

sick of your illness
and all the sweat
my broken stillness
and ink I wept

I bring you now
the crushing yell
welcome to Hell.

from the sky the waters pry
on the prowl for sinners foul
souls will fly for lands they dry
inside my jowl rejoin the scowl
you cannot wry the rain I cry
however hard you try..
and you know why.

redeem your sins, forget your grins
into my hall and upwards you fall
exactly then you count to ten
eternal zen to filth of men
for I am all, amen.


Fairy Dust



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