Devil mine
I've lost my loving
within thine
absorbing darkness
of your shine
in benedictions
so malign
in hellfruit vineyards
we entwined
in the rainbows
darkness dyed

I see your face these dying days
in the dust of moonlight rays
when the starlit kingdom grays
by the omens of your ways

I see feelings made of meat
shaped by death into a treat
as my bloodflood now meets
our liestained bedsheet cleats

you once took my hand
and my soul has blindly followed
then the water turned to sand
that would flow where I am hollowed

caramel razors
come for you
caramel razors
a ball for two
seasick sailors
behind ensue

caramel razors
melt for you
caramel razors
a dish for two
your mind wavers,
into the rue
of love untrue.


Fairy Dust



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