The saga of Thug continues – the trip to the vet for attitude adjustment went well, but in the aftermath he started visiting even more frequently. Our main concern was to convince him that when he stopped for a bite to eat the only thing on the menu was cat-food, not cat. Thug very much lives by the old motto – a cat is not just for Christmas. The bits caught between his teeth will be a snack for later.

Attitude adjustment seems to taken well – he comes face to face with Oatmeal, who growls, and Thug stops. Turns away. Backs off. That is a huge improvement. Piper on the other hand takes one look and goes into hiding.

I am no expert on cat eye-sight, but Piper can definitely spot a ginger cat. I have seen Piper duck and cover when Ginge turns up, and then check carefully to confirm that it isn’t the other ginger cat. He has just been hurt by Thug too many times.

Still, all going well. Until now.

Thug worked out how to get into the house. He hasn’t got the hang of cat-flaps (yet) but has obviously seen Ginge or Piper using their favourite route in through the fanlight window. It turns out that my eye-sight is on a par with Piper – I see a ginger cat in the house and it takes me a while to work out that this is Thug, the big ginger.

This is Schrödinger's Other Cat – none of that nonsense about not knowing whether the cat in the box is dead until you open the lid, instead just not knowing which cat it is. Or whether there is any cat at all.

Thug has not only found the way in, but uses it like it’s old news. Up until now, Thug has been hanging around at the back door for food. Now, he has discovered the self-service window and he likes it.

This is not good news, but so far, Thug and Piper are keeping very different schedules, and Piper hasn’t really noticed. If that changes we might have to find Thug a new home. Piper gets priority – he has been here longer, and is currently lazying on the sofa beside me, claws against my leg to make sure I emphasise his side of the story.

At least Thug hasn’t worked out how to get into the lounge yet... The trouble is, with Schrödinger's Other Cat, you never know exactly when and where he will be next.


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