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April 1st. 2016 - 4:00PM

My name is Megan S. Core, and during april 2016 I will conduct an alchemical experiment which might change everything.

Using the copy of an obscure but well-preserved journal of Sir Isaac Newton, which had come into my possessions via ways I don't feel comfortable sharing, we will spend the next 30 days trying to produce the Philosophers Stone out of human DNA.

My good friend Hannah, a really gifted biology student from Vienna, will live with me for the duration of the experiment, and support me to achive this goal.
Say "Hello" in the comments Hannah!

With Newtons recipie, my extensive knowledge about old, occult teachings as well as the symbolic language used by the alchemists, and Hannah's practical and theoretical experience with distillation, centrifugation, and all the other sciency stuff that I'm not really familiar with - who knows what we might uncover?

I will keep track of the experiment's progress on a daily base, and keep you guys informed. My dear friends, be prepared!

Meg Out


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    I am intrigued though I fear what might come out of this. I really hope you do not destroy the world in the process...

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    "Hello" :-) Thank you for checking out our project. I really don't believe such things as a philosophers stone could exist, but I'm really curious to see Newtons lost Journal, if Meg really managed to get a copy. I should arrive tonight at 8pm at the train station, don't forget to pick me up, dear!

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