The Truth about the Rocking Chair (collaboration)

I thought "I'd like to write a poem
maybe now it's time to show 'em
the truth about the rocking chair
which my cat was blocking, yeah."

As you know
from the comments below,
("* not exactly how it happened XD but yeah... ")
the truth about the rocking chair
is something else then what I've told you.
So, dear subscribers, let's go through
this whole story once again
starting from where it began.

There's been a cat
and she's been too fat
to be removed from the rocking chair
which she was really blocking, yeah!
But is was not on my brother's mind
to sit on the cat, that wouldn't be kind.

But the only one who can tell this story
in all of its dramatic glory
is my not-on-a-cat-sitting bro.
Sit back and enjoy his part of the show. :) 

At first I stacked pillows on her,
building a little pillow-lair,
but that wasn't even waking her.

Then I started rocking and swinging the chair,
over the time, the chair swung agressive,
but the cat didn't find it impressive.

I wanted to lift it high in the air,
and throw her on the couch, right over there...

But the cat was too fat,
so I pretended to sit,
right down on the pet,
and she was like: "Shit!",
jumped off the chair and said
"Screw it, I quit!"


  • Author Portrait

    Nice to read how it actually happened ^^

  • Author Portrait

    In case anyone wonders, the text in cursive was my actual response to Leni, when she asked me via WhatsApp how I really got the cat off the rocking chair ;)

  • Author Portrait

    That's actually pretty close to what happened :D I like your cat.

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