Once upon a wish
swelling perfume woke me
scent of you invoking
my favorite dish
slowly stroking
fingers smoking
passion stoking
kisses soaking,
love and loathing.

a glance or two
at evening dew
a feel or more
of skin galore
the blinding heat
of breaths in beat
the clenching eyes
and moaning sighs
amongst the cries
the weep...
between the thighs.

torn to yelps
by throbbing lust
infinity melts
and turns to dust
as flesh is snaking
and demons waking
giving and taking
we're frozen shaking
in fires spilled
and silence filled

now swallow me
my pulsing queen
let me dine
where rivers shine
where I am yours
and you are mine
where craving pours
where we align

like Zeus and Hera
blaze of an era
like Paris and Helen
our lust is a felon
like wind and leaves
in heaven's eaves
as planets turn
forever we burn

we mourn the morning
and scold the cold
in endless longing
we turn to gold.


Fairy Dust



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