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I'm Tricia and I'm a writer from Sweden.

Level 3 Belletristican
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Tricia Johansson
24. November, 27 years old
With us since 6. March 2020
About me

I'm Tricia and I'm 27 years old writer and illustrator from Sweden. I'm writing mainly short stories and poetry. Horror, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, philosophical writings etc.

I'm published in various swedish anthologies (by publishers) and I do self-publish books too, but I do consider myself a hobby writer since I can't make a living off my writing.

Here I'm going to post both short stories and poetry. Mostly more "mysterious" kind of writings. My pure memoirs can be find on Inkitt, Booksie and suchlike. You can find all my author links (and of course my works) on my website:

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