When life gets tough and you face difficult obstacles, the normal reaction is to feel powerless and succumb to a vicious cycle of negativity.

With every negative emotion and thought that runs through your mind, a sense of sadness deepens, clouding your path ahead and preventing you from being able to move forward.

And is YOU who accept it, inviting every single shadow to settle in, like noisy neighbours that soon will shake your peace of mind and torment your sleep And is YOU who can change it too!

You are the powerful source of everything that happens in your own Universe and have the magical ability to create and recreate the way the story goes.

Be your own Life Project Manager and follow 5 simple steps to re-position yourself back on the track of opportunity and success, of joy and happiness and create the life you want to live.

Start with a piece of paper, a pen, an open mind and dive deep inside yourself and the situation you are facing ,removing the emotions and focusing on the facts.

Negativity has no power upon you if you decide to turn things around. An ending is nothing more than a new beginning that you decide on how is going to be!

Follow the following 5 steps to rewrite your story.

1.Define the situation.

Be clear, specific and identify the problems you are facing. What happened is part of the past but is a valuable ground for learning and further development. Be organised and write everything down it will help you during the process. Get the emotions out of the way and look at the facts.

2.Measure your problems.

As soon as you identify the problems, go a level deeper and identify the root causes that triggered them. Be honest with yourself and go beneath the surface, you will find opportunities to change and you will get the chance to set a target for improvement. Everything has a solution if you know what caused it.

3.Develop solutions and build your plan of action.

Now that you are clear on where you are and why you have got there, work on where you want to be. Design your way out of the situation by developing solutions and setting them into action. Write down several opportunities that will move you closer to the desired outcome and set clear steps on how you are going to achieve them. Be specific and committed. Focus on I CAN and I AM and drive ahead with determination.


Start acting! If you decided to make a change action will turn it into reality. Be true to yourself and implement the change by following the steps you‘ve committed too. Stay strong and don’t hesitate, don’t listen to the negative thoughts that will tell you is not possible or you can’t! Control your mind and shut down everything that prevents you to achieve your goals. You can do it if you BELIEVE and ACT as such!

5.Look back and track the progress.

Here you are !You’ve made it ! Look back on how much you’ve travelled and how many things you have achieved. Recognise your efforts but don’t give up! Work ahead into a greater reality and perpetuate the drive that got you here!

Everything in life is a choice and the way you react in front of a situation will set the scene for a new page in your life, make sure is the best page you will ever write!

Alina Iordache



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