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Author & Artist. Heck yeah.

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Grey Liliy
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The house of Springflowers stands for the untamed urge to create. Its members live and breathe art - wild, emotional and not bound to rules. They tend towards very experimental styles and like to explore unconventional thoughts, far from any tried and tested paths.
About me

I love writing, art, video games, music, animation, and crafts. I have lots of hobbies and I like it that way. I'm glad to be here among so many wonderful writers and readers!

Feel free to say hello in a Private Message or on my Pinboard! I'm here to be social. XD

I also have a handful of published books on most major retailers (Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Smashwords, etc). If you enjoy my writing here, I hope you can check them out! A couple links are on my profile page if you'd like to learn more.

Hobbies & interests
Dark Fiction
Unhealthy Romance
Genshin Impact
Animal Crossing
Shining Nikki
A short interview
Are there other arts you enjoy. Like music, painting or something else?

Yes! I am a hobby artist and I've been playing the violin for over thirty years.

What genres do you enjoy to read and write the most?

All of them. Lol. I'm a picky reader at heart, but I love everything from fluffy romance to gory horror (and I love to write them all, too). I lean toward thrillers most, though.

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